Petite Monkey Bread Baker

Petite Monkey Bread Baker


Your friends may spend hours tending their sour dough, but you can enjoy fresh-from-the-oven monkey bread in twenty minutes with our stoneware baker.


The wheel thrown baker has been created from clay specially formulated for oven use. It is just the right size to turn a can of refrigerated biscuit dough into sweet treats for weekend brunch. Also fantastic for baking herbed pull-apart bread.


The baker comes with recipes for cinnamon sugar monkey bread and Herbes de Provence pull-apart bread. The options for sweet or savory treats are limitless: cranberry orange monkey bread, garlic and pesto dinner rolls, and chedder-jalapeno  pull-apart bread are some of our favorites.


These bakers are made by hand, so each varies a bit. Approximately 7 x 3 inches. Two-toned cobalt/sandstone glaze. Dishwasher safe.


Stoneware is susceptible to thermal shock, so always place the baker in a cool oven and increase the temperature gently.