November 27th, 2020

Let's get personal.

The holiday season will soon be underway. This was the Thanksgiving of tiny turkeys. It will be the Christmas of Zoom gatherings and hermetically sealed gift cards.

Gifting can be challenging this year. It is safe and easy to hop online and purchase a stack of gift cards. But in a year when so many of us are isolated, a more personal shopping experience can help us feel connected. Remember how it felt to spend hours scouring shops to find just the right present? When you found the perfect sweater, the vintage tea cup, or the ideal necklace you immediately pictured your loved one opening the gift. You imainged them looking up from the the torn tissue and ribbons and saying "Thank you" in that way that really means, "I Love You."

We wanted to find a way to help you recapture a bit of that Christmas-shopping magic. We've worked with artisans and small business owners to create collections of gifts that complement our handmade pots. Many of the items in this special collection were created just for us, so you can give presents that are as unique as the people you love.

We've got hand-made soaps and genuine sable brushes that you can add to our ceramic shaving mugs for the man in your life. We've got small batch teas that you can add to a unique pottery cup or tea caddy. We've got handmade chopsticks and curry kits to complement our noodle bowls.  

The first collection dropped on Thanksgiving morning. We'll continue to add our carefully curated collections throughout the shopping season, so check the fdpottery webstore and the fdpottery Instagram Stories often for updates

And to keep everyone safe, we will gift wrap and ship for free. We'll even include a card with whatever message you'd like to send!

Would you rather do your Christmas shopping in person?

Due to Covid, we've had to cancel our annual open studio sale, but we still have in person shoping options available. The fdpottery home studio in Latrobe, PA is now open for safe, in-person pot shopping.

Just email us at or through the contact page on our website to set up a private shopping time.

October 20th, 2020

Introducing two new places you can purchase fdpottery!

Exciting news—fdpottery can now be found in-store in Houston, Texas and in Elora, Ontario! Brown House & Wares and Lemontree + Co. Interiors join our family of retailers in New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Virginia, and North Carolina.


Brown House & Wares

Announcing an updated classic created exclusively for Brown House & Wares

Jill Brown has been buying and selling antiques since she was eleven years old. Brown House & Wares  sprang from her lifelong love of "thing finding". She believes homes should be filled with items that are both practical and beautiful. A recent spread in the Wall Street Journal features her unique talent for creating colorful, joyous living spaces. 

In keeping with her with her playful approach to tradition, Jill asked us to create a series of hand-thrown bowls inspired by the classic Revere Bowl. The typical Revere Bowl, named for the famous American patriot, is sterling silver. The fdpottery riff created especially for Brown House & Wares reinterprets the curvaceous form and raised foot of the classic in durable stoneware. 

Check out the various size and color combinations of this new bowl, as well as a treasure trove of Jill's design finds, at Brown House & Wares, 2940 Ferndale Street, Houston, Texas. 

Lemontree + Co. Interiors

Dimple sippers now available in Canada at Lemontree + Co. Interiors

We are thrilled that Sophia Reay is offering one of our most popular pots to our friends north of the border!

Lemontree + Co. Interiors is the brainchild of interior designer Sophia Reay. The shop mixes vintage-modern aesthetics with an appreciation for the handmade. Sophia's approach to design is in the details—it's the small touches that make a house into a home.

Sophia is a master of visual storytelling. Check out her luscious Instagram feeds at Lemontree Interiors and Lemontree Market to follow her beautiful story. Then swing by her online shop to choose the right pieces to create your home's next chapter.


No tricks, just Halloween Treats

Ditch that plastic pumpkin! A new collection of spooky handmade pottery has just been added to the online shop. Order now to guarentee Halloween delivery.

June 14th, 2020

Dimple Sippers for Dad

As a reader of the newsletter you are first to know about sales and special events, so I want to give you the heads-up about the next shop update.

Dimple sippers are without a doubt the most requested fdpottery item. There is usually a waiting list for sippers. I took advantage of the months we have all been on lockdown and threw a whole kiln-load of these fun pots, so you don’t have to join the waiting list to score your sippers.

The regular web-store restocking takes place every Monday, but the new batch of dimple sippers will become available online as soon as you get this email.

A dimple sipper makes a great gift for Dad. A set of sippers will make you Dad’s favorite!  

As always, there is free gift wrap on request.

He said good-bye to his father,
who had told him to follow his dreams.
His father’s dreams had fallen apart, but there was still hope for the son, the father knew.

This is the time of the year that we remember our dads. We remember what they did for us. If we are old enough to have been knocked around by life a bit, we realize that our dads may have endured bruised dreams, even while endeavoring to help us achieve ours.

If you’re white, like I am, you probably never gave much thought to what it is like for a black father in America to hope for his children. If you’re white like I am, you probably didn’t realize that black fathers suffer the additional burden of helping their children, especially their sons, avoid being killed or incarcerated. If you’re like me, you thought, “We’ve had a black president, so there are now no limitations to success for anyone in America.” If you’re like me, you don’t consider your self a racist. If you’re like me you’ve not done anything substantive to combat racism because you thought being “not a racist” was enough.

If you’re like me, you were wrong.

I’ve don’t claim authority to speak on this subject, so I’d like to share the words of someone who does. The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration by Pulitzer Prize–winning author Isabel Wilkerson is one of my favorite books of all time. It reads like a novel, but it a masterful journalistic work that chronicles the migration of black citizens fleeing the South in search of a better life. I was enthralled when I first read it. If you’re like me, you’ll be enthralled when you read it too.

I’ll buy a copy of the book for you, or your dad, or whomever you choose if you place an order of $75 or more on the fdpottery webstore by Sunday, June 21, 2020. You don’t have to include a special code or request to get the free book. Just place your pottery order of $75 online by Father’s Day, and I’ll automatically include a copy with your order.

*Excerpted from The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson. Copyright © 2010 by Isabel Wilkerson.

April 26th, 2020

To touch is to give life

Do you remember what you were taught in school? Can you conjugate a verb, diagram the Krebs cycle, or calculate the square root of anything?

I don’t remember much. But I do remember the monkeys. Cute, cuddly little monkeys feeding from sculptural wire “mothers”.  It was my first college course, Psychology 101. The professor taught us about Harry Harlow’s classic study on maternal touch.

Harlow separated baby monkeys from their mothers and put them in a cage with two inanimate surrogate mothers. One was made of wire and had a milk bottle. The second was made of soft foam and cloth and had no bottle. The monkeys clung to the cloth mother. They only ventured over to the wire mother to feed, then immediately returned to the cuddly mother.

Some monkeys would go hungry rather than leave the soft, comforting mom.

Harlow’s studies in the 50’s and 60’s convinced scientists that all people need maternal touch. But our mothers didn’t read monkey studies. They already knew what we needed most.

As Michelangelo said, “To touch is to give life.”

If you’re lucky enough to still have your mom in your life, reach out and touch her heart with something made by human hands. Sure, I’d be thrilled if you gave your mom one of my handmade mugs or vases. But I bet she’d love something created with your hands—do you still remember how to make a macaroni necklace?

We all need a little extra self care during these stressful days.

Watching pot-throwing videos always hels me relax. So I’ve created a series of Instagram videos that I think you’ll find fun and relaxing.
Check out the videos on my instagram feed and please share the link with your friends who’d like to Chill at the Wheel.

November 25th 2019

Countdown to the Annual Open Studio Sale!

My annual open studio pottery sale is Monday, December 2, 2:00pm-6:00pm in Latrobe PA. My home and studio will be filled with food, drinks, and of course-- lots of pots!

Bring your friends, your appetite, and your holiday shopping list.

There will be something new this year: All three founding members of Make + Matter will be joining me, and bringing along a curated selection from their individual clothing lines, Kelly LaneOtto Finn, and Flux Bene.

Make + Matter is a collaborative retail experience in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Committed to only offering goods that are sustainable and ethically produced, Make + Matter carries design-forward clothing, jewelry, ceramics and home goods, most of which are made in Western PA and the surrounding areas. 

Fallingwater + Monmade Design Residency

One of the benefits of living in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania is our close proximity to Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece of organic architecture built for the Kaufmann family over the waterfall of Bear Run. It is our “go to” spot to take out of town visitors. More than five million visitors have traveled from all over the world to tour the home, which was named a UNESCO world heritage site in 2019. I am thrilled to have been chosen to participate in a Monmade design residency at Fallingwater this year. I joined 15 makers from Western Pennsylvania who enjoyed tourist-free time exploring the home and grounds. We translated our perceptions into inspired work for the Fallingwater museum store. We got to experience Fallingwater the way Wright intended: as a home in which to live and sit on the floor and be one with nature. An extra-special thrill was the day we scurried through the open hatch and down the steps to Bear Run. We sat on the platform, took off our shoes, and plunged our feet into the icy water. I imagined the Kaufmanns and their guests sitting on that platform, shoes in one hand and martini in the other as the music of a house party wafted down the hatch and over the rushing water. I’d like to tell you more about Fallingwater. About how tranquil the grounds felt in the quiet of the morning. About the way the home glowed at dusk. But descriptions don’t suffice. It is a place to experience. Fortunately, you can experience Fallingwater for yourself. Reserve a tour. Watch the video of the FMDR residency here:

If you're in Pittsburgh, stop by the Brewhouse Association Gallery to experience my work and the designs of my fellow makers who were inspired by Fallingwater. The exhibition is on view until January 4, 2020.

November 16th 2019

The November Lamp List 

Thank you for joining the Lamp List. You've scored first dibs, free shades, and Lamp List Discounts on this year's collection of one-off fdpottery lamps! Each lamp is unique and sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Unsold lamps will be posted at regular prices on the fdpottery web store Monday, November 18.

Available lamps can now be found on the online shop. Click Here to view them.

Let us know if you'd like to join the Lamp List to be the first to know about the next set of lamps. Join by letting us know on the Contact Page

October 26th 2019

Photo © Rebecca Caridad

Remembering a Ghost Town Wedding

Early this spring I received an email from a bride-to-be in Colorado who was in a bind. Her wedding was just two months away and the local potter she’d consigned to make a series of pieces for the reception had developed a hand injury. 

She’d stumbled upon the cocktail plates that I designed for Schoolhouse Electric and wondered if I could make bespoke ceramics in time for her wedding. Joelle and her fiancé, Drew, envisioned pottery that would hold flowers and candles at the wedding and then become part of their everyday tableware as a married couple. 

I sent pictures of some prototypes. Joelle and her florist discussed the options. It was important to her that the pottery function well for daily life after the wedding. I tweaked the designs to create flat-bottomed bowls that would hold flowers and candle holders that could later be used for condiments and nuts. Joelle ordered my cocktail plates from Schoolhouse Electric (the design is exclusive to Schoolhouse). 

I shuffled my “pots to make” list, cranked the kiln, and shipped the completed pots to Colorado in time for the celebration. Joelle sent a warm thank you and some lovely pictures. I got back to my regular schedule of pot-making, including fulfilling more orders for Schoolhouse cocktail plates.  

A few months later a good friend congratulated me on being mentioned in the New York Times. I thought he was joking. It turned out that Joelle and Drew’s inspired wedding had been featured in the Style section of the NYT and the Joelle was kind enough mention our ceramic collaboration. 

My previous wedding pottery experience had been limited to the 800 pieces I made for my daughter’s Chicago wedding. Thanks to Joelle and Drew, I’ve been receiving wedding pottery requests from across the US. It’s great fun to collaborate on wedding decor that can be used and enjoyed by couples well into their marriage. 

And those cocktail plates…well I’m still making them. In fact, I just shipped dozens of plates to Schoolhouse to replenish their dwindling supply.

July 4th 2019

More pots as promised!

Leanne Ford is the white-hot darling of the design world. So I was thrilled when she and her brother, Steve, stopped by my studio to select handmade ceramics for their hit HGTV show, Restored by the Fords

They both decided to take a turn at the potter’s wheel, and we had a great time playing with clay. If you missed that episode and want to watch Leanne and Steve pot with me, check out Episode 4 “Hitting a Brick Wall” on demand, or through Amazon, Hulu and other streaming services. Better yet, binge-watching the entire season of Restored by the Fords and you’ll be inspired by the way Leanne and her design team decorate with ceramics! Leanne is known for her “light, bright, and cheery” approach to design. She chose pots from my Eclipse Series—sturdy, functional pots made of dark chocolate clay and white glaze. The large trumpet vase she used in several episodes of the show is the most requested pot I make. It looks great all by itself on a mantle or table, and it really comes to life casually holding a few seasonal branches. 

I sold out of all Eclipse Series pots shortly after the show aired. So I promised to make another batch of pots like the ones Leanne chose. I hunkered down in the studio this spring and threw a batch of big trumpet vases, large statement bowls, classic crocksorganic soup bowls, and sippers

They will be available in my online shop at 6:00 AM on Sunday, July 7th. If you’d like to select a pot in person, the pots will be stocked in my home studio shop July 5th. Use the contact page on my website to arrange a time to stop by my home studio.

May 26th 2019

Picnic Season is Here! 

How not to show up at a summer party with an ugly plastic bowl full of macaroni salad. It happens every year. You get the invite, mark it on your calendar, and forget about it. Then it hits you in the middle of the night like a summer storm: We have that picnic tomorrow and I don't know what to bring.


You default to the usual macaroni salad and hope to compensate for your lack of panache by bringing along an expensive bottle of wine. You boil the pasta, stir in the mayo, and scoop it into the biggest serving bowl in the cabinet--a slightly warped blue plastic picnic bowl. 

The cling wrap doesn't adhere to the top of the plastic bowl (it never does!), so you hold the salad on your lap all the way to the party. The not-yet-completely-cooled macaroni makes the thin plastic bowl extra-squishy, so some dressing runs over the lip of the bowl, and lands smack dab in the middle of your new white slacks. 

You arrive at the party and deposit your big blue bowl of macaroni a la mayo on the buffet among the other plastic bowls of pasta salad and potato salad. 

Then you notice it. 

In the midst of the plastic bowls, crumpled disposable tins, and Corelle casserole dishes from another generation sits a handmade pottery bowl. It is quiet, confident, and stylish--without trying too hard. You know whatever is in that bowl must be fantastic. And you know that before summer's end, you too will arrive at a picnic looking confident and stylish carrying a handmade bowl filled with the most delicious salad at the party. 

For an alternative to rushed macaroni salad, check out some simple, tasty recipes from our friends at Taste of Home. This delicious tarragon chicken salad was featured on a fd pottery plate in the magazine's March issue.

April 9th 2019

Handmade Ceramics are Getting Lots of TV-Love!

It's been an exciting time! My pots made their TV debut on HGTV's hit, Restored by the Fords.

I had a great time when Leanne and Steve Ford stopped by my studio to pick out pots for Season #2 renovations and decided to stay to play with clay! Now I'm having a great time watching the new season of Restored by the Fords and loving the way they bring the joy of handmade ceramics into the homes they renovate.

You can style your home with the Eclipse Series pots Leanne chose for her fabulous renovations. I'm making a new batch of pots right now that will be glazed, fired and cooled by mid-summer. Watch your email to be the first to know when they are ready.

• Watch Restored by the Fords Tuesday nights on HGTV for more fun pot-spotting! 

Follow my Instagram feed and stories for great pot-shots from the show as well as studio shots of pots-in-progress. 

• There are always pots available in my webstore

• Check back for updates on new places to buy pots

$5 flat-rate shipping on all orders!

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