July 4th 2019: 

More pots as promised! 

Leanne Ford is the white-hot darling of the design world. So I was thrilled when she and her brother, Steve, stopped by my studio to select handmade ceramics for their hit HGTV show, Restored by the Fords

They both decided to take a turn at the potter’s wheel, and we had a great time playing with clay. If you missed that episode and want to watch Leanne and Steve pot with me, check out Episode 4 “Hitting a Brick Wall” on demand, or through Amazon, Hulu and other streaming services. Better yet, binge-watching the entire season of Restored by the Fords and you’ll be inspired by the way Leanne and her design team decorate with ceramics! Leanne is known for her “light, bright, and cheery” approach to design. She chose pots from my Eclipse Series—sturdy, functional pots made of dark chocolate clay and white glaze. The large trumpet vase she used in several episodes of the show is the most requested pot I make. It looks great all by itself on a mantle or table, and it really comes to life casually holding a few seasonal branches. 

I sold out of all Eclipse Series pots shortly after the show aired. So I promised to make another batch of pots like the ones Leanne chose. I hunkered down in the studio this spring and threw a batch of big trumpet vases, large statement bowls, classic crocksorganic soup bowls, and sippers

They will be available in my online shop at 6:00 AM on Sunday, July 7th. If you’d like to select a pot in person, the pots will be stocked in my home studio shop July 5th. Use the contact page on my website to arrange a time to stop by my home studio.


May 26th 2019: Picnic Season is Here!

Large white FD Pottery Bowl full of salad

How not to show up at a summer party with an ugly plastic bowl full of macaroni salad. It happens every year. You get the invite, mark it on your calendar, and forget about it. Then it hits you in the middle of the night like a summer storm: We have that picnic tomorrow and I don't know what to bring.

You default to the usual macaroni salad and hope to compensate for your lack of panache by bringing along an expensive bottle of wine. You boil the pasta, stir in the mayo, and scoop it into the biggest serving bowl in the cabinet--a slightly warped blue plastic picnic bowl. 

The cling wrap doesn't adhere to the top of the plastic bowl (it never does!), so you hold the salad on your lap all the way to the party. The not-yet-completely-cooled macaroni makes the thin plastic bowl extra-squishy, so some dressing runs over the lip of the bowl, and lands smack dab in the middle of your new white slacks. 

You arrive at the party and deposit your big blue bowl of macaroni a la mayo on the buffet among the other plastic bowls of pasta salad and potato salad. 

Then you notice it. 

In the midst of the plastic bowls, crumpled disposable tins, and Corelle casserole dishes from another generation sits a handmade pottery bowl. It is quiet, confident, and stylish--without trying too hard. You know whatever is in that bowl must be fantastic. And you know that before summer's end, you too will arrive at a picnic looking confident and stylish carrying a handmade bowl filled with the most delicious salad at the party. 

For an alternative to rushed macaroni salad, check out some simple, tasty recipes from our friends at Taste of Home. This delicious tarragon chicken salad was featured on a fd pottery plate in the magazine's March issue.


April 9th 2019: Handmade Ceramics are Getting Lots of TV-Love!

  FD pottery vase on shelf in modern kitchen

It's been an exciting time! My pots made their TV debut on HGTV's hit, Restored by the Fords.

I had a great time when Leanne and Steve Ford stopped by my studio to pick out pots for Season #2 renovations and decided to stay to play with clay! Now I'm having a great time watching the new season of Restored by the Fords and loving the way they bring the joy of handmade ceramics into the homes they renovate.

You can style your home with the Eclipse Series pots Leanne chose for her fabulous renovations. I'm making a new batch of pots right now that will be glazed, fired and cooled by mid-summer. Watch your email to be the first to know when they are ready.

• Watch Restored by the Fords Tuesday nights on HGTV for more fun pot-spotting! 

• Follow my  Instagram  feed and stories for great pot-shots from the show as well as studio shots of pots-in-progress. 

• There are always pots available in my  webstore

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